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CWT #3: Freedom For Public Safety

Clown World Today
In the last year, power-hungry politicians, along with the media and their legions of unthinking minions, have launched a massive defamation campaign against the very idea of freedom. The love and pursuit of freedom and the desire for personal choice have been vilified as selfish and even dangerous to the public’s safety. As the President of the United States, Joe Biden, put it in a recent speech to the nation: “This is not about freedom or personal choice, it’s about protecting yourself and those around you.” Suddenly, the nation founded on the idea of Liberty is now asked by its President to give up this sacred value as it poses a danger to the public - or, at least, this is what they want you to believe.
As part of their hysteria and fear campaign, everyone who showed resistance had to face the question, “Is your freedom more important than the public’s safety?” Unlike most believe, the answer for this is not a yes or a no because the question itself is a lie - a false dichotomy. There is no question of what is more important between freedom or public safety because there can be no public safety in the absence of freedom. The question is intentionally framed in a way that forces you, whether you respond with a yes or a no, to admit that freedom and public safety are essentially incompatible and that there is a tradeoff between the two. But you must reject their deceptive framing altogether. It’s a lie intended to legitimatize their encroachment on your freedom as simply valuing the public’s safety more than freedom.
The truth is that freedom is not only compatible with public safety but is absolutely necessary to have any safety at all. Without freedom, you live under control and at the mercy of another. Like a caged bird, you may be protected from some dangers of the outside world, but your biggest threat becomes the cage owner. At their arbitrary whim and discretion, the cage owner can do anything they please with the bird. They could deny it its basic needs, and the bird would be unable to do anything to provide for itself, as it is locked in its cage.
The same goes for lockdowns and even vaccine passports. Once the government can lock you in your house or lock you out of social interaction like getting a job, food, or healthcare, you become dependent on their good grace to obtain your most basic necessities. This is not safety - it is the greatest risk a society could take. Throughout history, it happened time and again that societies that have given up their freedoms have ended up being slaughtered by their government: the Nazis in Germany, the Soviets in Russia, the Maoists in China, and many others. Freedom isn’t simply “more important” than public safety, it is the necessary grounds upon which a safe society depends.
Vaccine passports take your fundamental freedoms and transform them into government-granted “privileges.” You can no longer care for yourself and get a job, buy groceries, access healthcare etc. without the explicit permission of the government. They could lock you out of any of the necessities you might need. You sacrifice your liberty for a false sense of safety, while exposing yourself to a much greater risk than that which you originally feared. There is no greater risk to the safety of the public than the loss of freedom. Entrusting the government with absolute power does not produce greater safety. It produces tyranny.
The vaccine passports essentially put you in a cage, with which they can lock you out of society, and while the government may promise you they will keep that cage open for those who take the vaccine, what’s to stop them from breaking this promise? Once you let them put you in that cage, you are entirely at their mercy. But when has the government ever lied to its people, right? It’ll all be over soon, it’s just two weeks to stop the spread…
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Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman @cwt_news

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