CWT #2: It’s Not About Health - It’s About Control



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Clowns sanitizing McDonald’s ads in Australia to make sure people stay healthy
Clowns sanitizing McDonald’s ads in Australia to make sure people stay healthy
A lot has been going on in the last year and a half. Lockdowns have devastated the lives of millions, if not billions, around the world. Mask mandates were introduced worldwide. Small and medium businesses were crushed while their Big Business competitors have enjoyed the “privilege” of operating quite normally. Vaccine passport systems have started to appear. Travel was severely restricted. In short, the liberties, livelihoods, and even health of many were sacrificed at the altar of “stopping the spread”. Just collateral damage of the “war on Covid”. But let’s get one thing clear - This is not about health, it’s about control.
Looking back less than 2 years in the past, who could have imagined, especially in the Western world, that their government could arbitrarily lock them up at house arrest? Who would have thought that within less than 2 years, you will have to “show your papers” to prove you have the government’s permission merely to eat at a restaurant? Who would have seen international travel as a “government-granted privilege”? These new restrictions are claimed to be in the interest of “public health” - but this claim cannot hold under scrutiny.
From decades of scientific research (and common sense), we know that to maintain good health, both physically and mentally, it is necessary for people to eat healthily, exercise, get sun exposure, breath fresh air, meet with other people, etc. We also know that without those things, people are at a higher risk of obesity, heart problems, depressions, and even weakening of their immune system. Even more so, specifically with Covid-19, it has been known from early on that obesity is one of the most notable risk factors for developing severe illness.
Now, let’s look at what governments all around the world have done. As part of the new “public health” measures: Gyms were shut down, outdoor activity and exercise were discouraged and at times even prohibited, getting proper sun exposure and fresh air were replaced by “stay at home” orders and mask mandates, maintaining a healthy diet or working to reduce obesity rates were not even discussed, and instead of going out and meeting others, people were told to “social distance” and binge on Netflix and porn.
“The best sexual partner during the pandemic is yourself” - propaganda from England’s “sex ban” period of summer 2020
“The best sexual partner during the pandemic is yourself” - propaganda from England’s “sex ban” period of summer 2020
The well-known habits and measures for improving people’s health were brushed aside and replaced with their new totalitarian “alternatives”. Lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, and repetitive mass vaccination have become the new “healthy lifestyle”. Every single time, governments have chosen the “solution” that will give them the most control over the people rather than the most beneficial and scientifically proven solutions. You are no longer healthy if you feel well, are in shape, have no vitamin deficiency, or have a good BMI. All these no longer matters - the only thing that matters is that you obey the government orders, only then are you “healthy”. In other words, your health is no longer determined by your health - but by your obedience.
These last few months, after all the chaos and madness of the past year and a half, governments around the world are now finally converging on their permanent “solution” for a “new normal” - a system of domestic vaccine passports. We could argue about how, according to the CDC, vaccinated people could spread Covid-19 just as easily as unvaccinated. We could look at how Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and a pioneer of the vaccine passports approach, is now seeing the highest number of daily cases ever seen in the country. We could talk about how other personal choices, besides whatever you take the vaccine or not, could put you at a much higher risk of ending up at the hospital either from covid - like obesity - or in general - like riding a motorcycle. However, none of these objections would matter. Because this isn’t about health, it’s about control.
The government does not seek to protect you - it seeks to control you. We have seen so many things that, if you view them as health measures, would make absolutely no sense - just a total clown world. Hospitals are claimed to be overwhelmed, yet doctors and health workers are being fired for refusing to comply with the vaccination mandates. Obesity has been a leading cause in Covid-19 hospitalizations, yet gyms were closed, and many are still barred from them as part of the vaccine passports system. Masks were recommended and sometimes mandated even when you are entirely alone, and so much more.
“Do I need to wear a mask in my vehicle? […] The answer is yes” - a message from the health authorities of Queensland Australia
“Do I need to wear a mask in my vehicle? […] The answer is yes” - a message from the health authorities of Queensland Australia
All these won’t make sense if you look at them as health measures, but that’s because they aren’t. They actually make perfect sense, when you realize that they’re not about health, they’re about control - and there’s hardly any stronger form of control a government could hope to achieve than what the vaccine passports system gives it. A system where they can exclude any individual refusing to comply from any and all social interactions: from leisure activities like restaurants and bars to more essential ones like traveling and healthcare services. That’s the dystopian dream of every power-hungry tyrant - absolute control over the life of every citizen - and that’s exactly the power vaccine passports are giving the government.
Of course, for now, the system is presented as a “vaccine passports” system, where the only requirement is to take the vaccine - or now as Israel shows and as will later be in the rest of the world - to take a vaccine dose every few months. However, even if you don’t see how bad this already is, it is foolish to believe these “vaccine passports” will be limited to just your vaccination status for much longer. These systems are not instated to enforce vaccinations. They are instated to prepare the ground for a Chinese like social credit system - the holy grail of tyranny. Both systems are nearly identical, with the only difference being the criteria for “rewarding” and “punishing” citizens. But it won’t be long until the vaccine passports systems add more and more criteria and become completely identical to the social credit system; this is their inevitable evolution and original reason of being.
The lockdowns, the mask mandates, the travel bans, the constant propaganda, everything that governments have done in the last year and a half - this is what it has been all about. It’s not about health, it’s about control, and the vaccine passport system will give them the permanent and absolute control they have been craving all along.
If you really care about your health, go outside, exercise, eat healthily, meet other people, enjoy life, and now most importantly - refuse the vaccine passports system. It doesn’t even matter whatever you take the vaccine or not. What matters is that you refuse to participate in their control system. Refuse to “show your papers”, avoid places that take part in this system, leave to another area, city, or even country where tyranny does not prevail, but you must stand against this now.
NO VACCINE PASSPORTS - this is the hill to die on.
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Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman @cwt_news

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