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CWT #1: It Ends When You End It

Clown World Today
I was wondering what content I should kickstart this new newsletter with, but then I realized there’s no better place to start than at the ending - and it ends when you end it.
There is a universal feeling among people that the world has gone mad. People in supposedly “Free, Western” countries are being locked in their houses for months, have their fundamental human rights stripped from them, and treated like criminals with no trial, no due process, and no charges. The sacred principle our society has been built upon - “Innocent until proven guilty” - has now been reversed. You are no longer free to act at your own will, because your will is now said to pose a risk to others. It is not enough anymore to respect others’ rights; you are now also obliged to subjugate yourself to their fears.
So welcome to what is known as “clown world,” the world where most people are living today. A world where conspiracy theories are just spoilers. A world where “science” is based on unquestionable blind faith. A world where the TV is the sole arbiter of truth. A world where going outside is equated with murder. A world where wishing to live your life is selfish but desiring to control the lives of others is benevolence. In short, a world where logic has been replaced by emotions and common sense is no longer common.
Madness has been rapidly spreading around the world, and we now must face the question of how to end it? How do we exit clown world? How do we get our lives back? My answer to that is this: it ends when you end it. What I mean by that is quite simple, if you want to get back to normal, you cannot wait for permission to do so but must start living normally. It ends when you go back outside. It ends when you go and meet other people. It ends when you start traveling again. It ends when you refuse to “show your papers.” It ends when you smile at people instead of hiding from them in fear. It ends when you start to think for yourself instead of letting the TV think for you. It ends when you end it.
You may protest that sometimes this is just impossible, and you will not be wrong. It would be foolish to think using brute force or disobedience would be of any use when the police officer has his gun pointed at you - but luckily, this is rarely the case. When the majority finally awakens to the reality that we must rid ourselves from the totalitarian elite that controls us is when we can truly end this. Yet, meanwhile, we must rely on other, more roundabout ways to gain at least our own personal freedom back.
First, you need to learn the rules of the game. There is almost always a large gap between what the law requires and what the government and media want you to think it requires. This “legal disobedience” is the first step to regain some of your freedom. Many people are not aware of their laws and the rights they grant them. Many believe in requirements, mandates, and prohibitions that exist nowhere but in their heads. Just because the TV said you cannot do something does not necessarily mean it is illegal. Start by knowing your rights.
The second step would be to find a better playing field - move where you are treated best. This might be difficult for many, but not impossible. Moving to a friendlier jurisdiction, where sanity still prevails, is your best chance for living normally again. Many people believe no such places still exist, but I think they just haven’t looked hard enough. States like Texas and Florida in the US, Sweden in the EU, and multiple Central and South American countries are still relatively free.
Additionally, all over the world, small towns away from the bigger cities and such rural areas have been significantly less strict with the new rules and mandates. You have a good chance of finding such a free community in many places around the world. You just need to look for it.
Now sometimes, moving may not be a feasible option. While moving to a place where sanity still prevails is the best option, finding a local or even online community of like-minded people that you can talk to could be very helpful. The goal of mass propaganda is not convincing the critical thinkers but convincing them they are alone. Many people are holding the same views and values as you, and they are everywhere. The love of freedom is not as dead as the media is trying to convince you it is. All over the world, massive protests are going unreported, opposition to the main narrative is being silenced and defamed, and people who still appreciate freedom feel like they are left to stand alone. You are not alone. Find your local community, or join an online one. You will need good allies in this war on your future.
Life has been going at high speed towards totalitarianism in most of the world. Most people have succumbed to the propaganda and are now in love with their servitude. It adds purpose and a sense of virtuousness to their empty lives. They no longer need to worry about wasting their time on this earth binging on Netflix and porn - now this is “the right thing to do.” A docile existence of a caged animal is sufficient to keep them satisfied. You can no longer wait for logic and conscious thinking to return to the masses, and who knows if it has ever existed there. You must take action and do whatever you can to live the life of a free man or woman. You may not be able to save others, but you can still try to free yourself and hopefully your loved ones as well. Know the laws and your rights, move to a friendlier jurisdiction, build a community of like-minded people, and live safe and free. Clown world ends when you end it.
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Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman @cwt_news

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